By Stephanie Adams-Nicolai

By Stephanie Adams-Nicolai

After decades of being a chiropractic studies professional model, author, playmate, financial investor, and media personality, I have to tell you, I have a very tough skin when it comes to all the nonsense, gossip, blatant jealousy of others laced with hearsay. My official web sites speak for themselves and one thing I will happily tell you is that, regardless of all my accomplishments, my husband and my son are my everything and we have the chiropractic schools usa most amazing family life in the world. Ive written articles about the joys of motherhood, breastfeeding, and more, but after a wonderful Valentines Day with my big and little Valentine, I thought it would be fun to create a playful little article on the top reasons to love being married to a chiropractor…and here they are…

1.) Aches and pains anyone? Not a problem. Your sweetheart makes the absolute best and most convenient house calls. And there is no need to present an insurance card or make a co-payment because you happily cohabitate without an expiration date.

2.) Chiropractors are excellent listeners and genuinely want to understand people’s complaints about pain and other problems, which make them caring, sensitive, and most understanding of you when you go through something physically or emotionally trying too.

3.) After having gone through just as much medical training, if not more, than the average medical doctor when it comes to anatomy and physiology, chiropractors understand the causes for medical conditions rather quickly, which makes them a built in doctor in the house.

4.) Unlike some medical professionals, chiropractors don’t just “cover up” an ailment or “dress it up” in medication to make it look better. They get to the bottom of the problem and fix it, which also ensures great problem solving skills in your marriage.

5.) You’ll never have to worry about cleaning out your medicine cabinet or doing nervous research on side effects. Chiropractors prefer to help the body heal itself whenever possible, therefore opting for a more organic lifestyle with chiropractor medical naturally good health and wellness.

Author’s Bio:

Wall Street Chiropractic And Wellness is a proud family business. Dr. Charles V. Nicolai graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, and has been in practice for over 20 years. He, his lovely wife, and their son live the healthy lifestyle he encourages amongst his patients, friends and family. Various services include overall chiropractic care, nutritional wellness, and physical therapy.

With advanced degrees in business, as well as being a Fortune 500 private investor and the founder of two other businesses prior, Stephanie Adams-Nicolai is the driving force behind the scenes alongside her husband and at times the representative forefront for Wall Street Chiropractic And Wellness at corporate functions.

As partners, the Nicolais created a vision and incorporate their unified belief in natural healing within all of their wellness companies. Together, inspired by their son, they welcome you to Wall Street Chiropractic And Wellness to achieve the good health that they and their family live by as well.